Quick start guides

Adding iModelHub within your CDE

  • ProjectWise CONNECT Edition gives ability to incorporate iTwin Services for any project without disruption to existing ProjectWise workflows. iModelHub will transparently create and maintain the project's comprehensive iModel with its change timeline at each deliverable-in-progress check-in state. For each such update to engineering data, application-specific bridge processing performs digital alignment of the iModel's digital components. Below is the simplified diagram describing this workflow.
    You can read more about required BAS configurations here.

  • OpenPlant CONNECT Edition integrates with iModelHub for collaborative plant design with cloud-based data management. A full history of all the changes made to the 3D model and 2D designs are synchronized to iModelHub, including who made changes, what was changed, when changes were made, and the date the changes were completed.
    To read more, go to: https://www.bentley.com/en/products/brands/openplant

  • MicroStation CONNECT edition includes the iTwin Synchronizer application which gives ability to synchronize your local design changes directly from MicroStation. It can also be used as a standalone tool to map and synchronize other vendor files.
    To read more, go to: https://www.bentley.com/en/resources/itwin-synchronizer