Supported File Formats

A wide array of design applications are supported in synchronization workflows, ensuring all your engineering data can be aggregated into a single digital twin environment. 

You can find the latest list of supported iTwin Connectors here: 

If you are interested in iTwin Synchronizer Client supported connectors, here are the differences from the main list:

Bentley Design Applications File Extensions Connection Type iTwin Synchronizer Client Supported Versions
OpenRoads ConceptStation dgndb ConceptStation Ballot box with check and higher
OpenTower Designer otxml OpenTower not supported
AutoPLANT Modeler dwg AutoPlant not supported
Intergraph Smart 3D Review vue VUE not supported
ESRI File Geodatabase Geo Ballot box with check
Oracle Spatial Geo Ballot box with check 12c, 18c and 19c
PostGIS database Geo Ballot box with check
SQL Spatial Database Geo Ballot box with check 2019
VUE vue VUE not supported

If you do not see required connector, you can fill out the idea in your main design review portal ideas page.

The following table list the applications currently supported and the different ways available to sync the data to an iTwin. 
Bentley Design Applications File Extensions Connection Type iTwin Synchronizer Application ProjectWise Supported Versions
 Client  Portal
AutoPLANT Modeler dwg AutoPlant * and higher
Bentley Raceway and Cable Management dgn MicroStation CONNECT from Update 4
MicroStation CONNECT / V8i Editions dgn, i.dgn MicroStation CONNECT / V8i Editions
OpenBridge Designer dgn Civil CONNECT Edition
OpenBuildings Designer dgn OpenBuildings ** CONNECT Edition
OpenPlant Modeler dgn CONNECT from Update 7
OpenPlant PID dgn CONNECT from Update 7
OpenRail Designer dgn Civil CONNECT Edition
OpenRoads ConceptStation dgndb ConceptStation and higher
OpenRoads Designer dgn Civil CONNECT Edition
OpenSite Designer dgn Civil CONNECT Edition
OpenTower Designer otxml OpenTower CONNECT from Update 2
OpenTunnel Designer dgn Civil CONNECT Edition
ProStructures dgn ProStructures*** CONNECT from Update 6
* Note that AutoPlant does not support legacy ProjectWise connections for Portal synchronizations.
**Note because of OpenBuilding Designers' requirement to run with a workspace OpenBuilding Connector is not an available option when using ProjectShare.
***ProStructure is embed inside multiple products like Open Bridge Modeler, OpenPlant Modeler. There is a limitation with connectors that only one connector can process one dgn so if the ProStructure components are inserted inside a dgn with the parent products components then the parent connector will take the ownership. It will publish the ProStructure components graphics but not the properties. So please make sure that ProStructure data is kept in a separate dgn when invoked from OpenBridge or OpenPlant.
3rd Party Design Applications File Extensions Connection Type iTwin Synchronizer Application Supported Versions
 Client  Portal
3D Studio 3ds MicroStation
AutoCAD dwg, dxf AutoCAD Dwg 2015 - 2024
AVEVA E3D N/A Open 3D 1.x.x - 2.2.x.x
AVEVA PDMS N/A Open 3D 12.0 and 12.1
Civil 3D dwg Civil 3D 2015 - 2024
Intergraph Smart 3D N/A Open 3D 2009.1 - 2016
Intergraph Smart 3D Review vue VUE
Intergraph Smart Instrumentation N/A Smart Instrumentation 2016
Intergraph Smart P&ID zip SmartPlant P&ID 2014 R1, 2019
Navisworks nwd, nwc Navisworks 2013 - 2024



Revit 2015 -2024
Rhino 3dm MicroStation
Sketchup* skp MicroStation 2017-2022
* MicroStation does not currently support Sketchup text entities, so they will not be converted to iModel either.
Interchange Formats Connection Type iTwin Synchronizer Application Supported Versions
 Client  Portal
ACIS (.sat)

MicroStation (via dgn)

Up to 25.0
ArcGIS Feature Service Geo 10.6 and higher
Autodesk 3DS Max MicroStation
CGM MicroStation (via dgn) 1.0
Collada (.dae) MicroStation (via dgn)
DXF AutoCAD 2015-2021
ESRI File Geodatabase Geo
FBX* MicroStation

Up to and

including 2011

Geojson Geo

IFC2x3, IFC4, IFC4.3

IGES (.igs) MicroStation (via dgn)

2.0, 3.0, 4.0, or 5.0

fixed-length ASCII

i-model MicroStation
JT MicroStation (via dgn) 8.0 - 10.6
kml / kmz** Geo
Land XML MicroStation (via dgn)


MicroStation (via dgn)
OBJ MicroStation
Oracle Spatial Geo 12c, 18c and 19c
Parasolid (.x_t) MicroStation (via dgn) Up to 13.0
PostGIS database Geo
Shape files (.SHP) Geo
Sketchup (.SKP) MicroStation 2017-2022
SQL Spatial Database Geo 2019
STEP (.stp) MicroStation (via dgn)
STL MicroStation (via dgn)
SVG MicroStation (via dgn)
VRML MicroStation (via dgn)
Web Feature Service (WFS) Geo
* MicroStation does not currently support FBX custom properties, so they will not be converted to iModel either.
** KMZ files must first be uncompressed into KML before processing with the Geo Connector.

How to work with file types, which use the MicroStation Connector?

Some file types are listed as being supported by "MicroStation" under the connector type and these can be synchronized directly with the MicroStation Connector. Examples of this are FBX, OBJ and SKP. Other file types that are listed as "MicroStation (via dgn)" must first be imported into MicroStation and saved as a dgn, then the MicroStation Connector can be used to synchronize the dgn into an iModel.

Note for .imodel files, they must be referenced into a DGN file and then an i.dgn must be produced in order for the model to be imported with the MicroStation Connector. Support for .imodel 1.5 and 1.6 versions will be dropped with MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17.

Reality Data Support

Reality data, like point clouds and reality meshes, can be viewed along with your engineering data.  There are no iModel Connectors to sync reality data, instead use Bentley ContextCapture to add real-world digital context to your iTwins. 

For more information on how to associate your reality data to an iTwin go to the Reality Data page.

GeoSpatial Data Support

The GeoConnector is being developed to support geospatial data coming from multiple sources.

Presently, Shapefile, PostGIS database, ESRI File Geodatabase, ArcGIS Feature Service, and WFS(Web Feature Service), KML/KMZ, GeoJSON and Oracle Spatial and SQL Spatial database formats are supported. 

For more information on how to use the GeoConnector, visit the GeoConnector page.

Autodesk Materials Support 

The Autodesk Material Library consists of several sub-libraries and installers (MSI files) can be taken from installers for Revit, 3dMax or AutoCAD. 

Or they can be downloaded separately from the Autodesk site: (all resolutions packages are necessary but first Common package isn’t). 

It is better to install all Base, Low, Middle, and Advanced Image libraries. At least Base, Middle, and Advanced has unique files. 

Materials should be exported to i-model automatically if Autodesk Materials are installed on the machine where the iModel Connector job is executing from.

File formats supported by Navisworks 

Navisworks can be used to import the additional formats listed below. This of course requires that the source file is first loaded into Navisworks and then saved as a nwd file. Some formats are not listed in this table such as dgn, dwg, or ifc as examples. When a connector exists for a specific format, the best option is to use the native connector for that file format. However, for instances where a native connector does not exist for that format, using Navisworks for one of the formats listed below can be an option. The listed formats below have been tested and successfully imported into an iTwin from Navisworks.

File Format Source Application
asm Solidedge Assembly
asm Pro/ENGINEER Assembly
catpart CATIA V5 Part document
dri PDS
dwf Autodesk
dwfx Autodesk
iam Autodesk Inventor
igs IGES exchange format
ipt Autodesk Inventor
model CATIA V4 model
prt SolidWorks
prt NX
pts Leica
ptx Leica
rte Revit
rvm RVM
wrl VRML
x_b Parasolid binary