iTwin Synchronizer Client

Learn about iTwin Synchronizer.

Synchronize work-in-progress with your digital twin

iTwin Synchronizer Client enables you to synchronize design changes from your desktop design tool with an iTwin in the cloud. Both Bentley, as well as non-Bentley products, can successfully utilize this service.

For a full list of supported applications and formats click here.

How it works

Your iTwin administrator registers an iTwin, invites team members, and assigns roles. Team members download iTwin Synchronizer Client and connectors to their desktop computer. Itwin models and the timeline of changes are then available for viewing.

To share files associated with an iTwin such as references, POD files, 3mx, rasters, etc. with someone, you only need to push your changes in the design file to an iModel and then share a link to the iModel in the iModelHub with your team members. You can do this using the iTwin Synchronizer Client. The team members you share this link with will be able to view, examine, and analyze the data stored in the iModel from any location.

Non-Bentley products can also benefit from this service, provided, they have the necessary iModel connectors installed on their systems to sync data from drawing files to the iModelHub.

iTwin Synchroniser will allow a user to define a master file, and based on the defined file type, will select a required iModel connector type to process defined files.  If the required connector will not be installed, or an older connector version will be installed, iTwin Synchronizer will automatically identify and suggest to download and install the newest version.  
Updating the connector version will not change a MicroStation or any other editing application version as iTwin Synchronizer contains its local set of connectors.  With the iTwin Synchronizer, you don't even need to have installed MicroStation, Revit, or any other editing application on your machine to run a conversion job. 

Advantages of synchronizing design data

  • Installing the iTwin Synchronizer Client application is quick and will not cause any disruptions to your installed products or existing data.
  • You can take advantage of this tool while working with both Bentley as well as non-Bentley design tools.
  • You can open and reference design data from different applications and different file formats.
  • You can continuously maintain a live digital twin of your asset(s) throughout its lifecycle.
  • You can view design data and properties in a web browser, without the need to install any desktop application.
  • You can view the chronology of design changes and compare any versions to see the differences.
  • You can take advantage of several upcoming iTwin Services that operate on design data and provide useful insights, including cost considerations, about the progress of the iTwin.
  • You can conduct continuous design reviews to identify and rectify issues while the iTwin is in progress.

Topics of interest

  • For information about limitations and FAQ, go to Frequently Asked Questions.
  • For information about the latest release, go to What's New.
  • Have an idea for a new feature you would like to see added to iTwin Synchronizer client or any other iTwin Service, go to Submit Idea.