Edit a connection

You can see existing data mapping and make necessary changes to it using Change mapping action.

Make changes to the connection

At the moment, you can make these edits to the existing connection:

  1. You could add a spatial root file if none was used in this iModel. Once the spatial root file was synchronized, you cannot change it.
  2. Map additional composite models.
  3. Unmap a composite model with its references. This will stop future files synchronization, but will not delete the existing changes in an iModel.
  4. Delete a composite model with its references. This will stop future synchronization and will delete those files' data from an iModel. 
    ExclamationNOTE: You cannot unmap or delete a reference file without a composite model. To remove reference data, you should update the composite model.

BulbNOTE: If you want to remove all files, you need to delete the connection.

If you marked files to be unmapped from the connection, after clicking Save you will be able to choose how to proceed:

  • Keep already synchronized changes. This option will stop future synchronization from unmapped files, but will not delete the existing data from an iModel.
  • Delete unmapped models from an iModel. This option will delete a composite model with its references from the iModel and will stop future synchronization. 
    If this option is chosen the delete job will be automatically triggered.