Synchronization Knowledge Base

Here you will find documentation and best practices for synchronizing engineering data from different formats to an iModel, and how best to inspect the data. 



Want to make sure your data in an iModel is correctly geolocated?

iTwin is all about the data, whether that be engineering modeling data, IoT sensor data, drone footage, 3D meshes, or drawings. One of the critical aspects of gathering insights from an iModel information is making sure everything is correctly spatially located.

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iTwin Spatial Alignment

Want to review the synchronization status and any potential issues?

Learn all details about each processed file, including any potential errors that may affect your overall iModel business or graphical information.

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Synchronization Status 

Synchronization Report

Want to know which formats you can synchronize to an iModel?

A wide array of design applications are supported in synchronization workflows, ensuring all your engineering data can be aggregated into a single digital twin environment. 

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Supported File Formats