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Internal Error: !dbobji.cpp@7360: eNotOpenForWrite

We have promis-e for AutoCAD SS6, with multiple network users connecting to a SQL Express server on Windows 7.  We have run into this error on numerous occasions and can't seem to troubleshoot.  Any suggestions?

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  • You might be encountering a known issue that is a conflict between an AutoPLANT product and promis•e, which I believe has to be resolved in the AutoPLANT product.  To test this (and also work around the conflict), try renaming the at_custui.arx file(s) before starting promis.e, then restore the original file name before starting AutoPLANT. Do not run promis•e and AutoPLANT simultaneously.

    at_custui.arx can be found in paths such as:

    "\Program Files\Bentley\Plant V8i\Bin\R16\"

    "\Program Files\Bentley\Plant V8i\Bin\R17\"

    This information is from an article in the Bentley KnowledgeBase.

    If the test resolves the error messages, then I would recommend submitting a service ticket for the AutoPLANT product(s) involved to check on the status of the resolution of the conflict.

  • In reply to Matt_P:

    Your suggestion corrected the issue on another machine and is a temporary workaround.

    With a fresh restart and launching Promis-e while not starting AutoPLANT, this problem still occurs.  Project Manager appears with the project shown and any updates made in the database from other machines appear to show properly.  The error occurs immediately after selecting any drawing and the thumbnail attempts to load.

    By selecting "Rebuild Project Database" in the right-click context menu of the project, this error is also resolved.

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