Force same wire potential in symbol creation, Promise V8i over AutoCAD

In symbol creation, is there a way to force two terminal points to be the same potential and therefore the two wires connected would have the same wire number and properties?

I have a power supply schematic symbol that has a pair of V+ terminals and a pair of V- terminals.  Obviously the pairs are jumpered internally, but if I show a jumper externally when in schematic mode, thats the way it would appear it needs to be wired externally.  Please see attachment.PWR-MDR.dwg

  • Promis.e has a feature designed for just that purpose. In the Symbol Creation Wizard, in the step for creating Connection Points, there is a field for Potential Group name. Any Connection Points that are given the same Potential Group name will carry the potential through as if they were tied together internally. So you can assign one name to the two connection points for V+ and a different name for the two connection points for V-. You can find information about it in the built in Help files.

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