Moving child in device usage chart

If all of the available children symbols have been added to a parent/family in schematic, is there an easy way to move the child to another selection?  For example, a 4 pole relay coil and all 4 N.O. child symbols have been added but I want to move the contact (connection point numbers) by swapping the children around, there is not a good way to do this.  If it is not entirely filled, say only 3 of the child symbols have been used, I can easily drag and drop in the Device Usage Chart.  If the family is full, I otherwise need to remove a contact out of schematic completely, then move the remaining ones, and re-add in the N.O. contact back into schematic.  Is there a better workaround?

  • Aaron, this matches enhancement request TFS 6766: "Would like to be able to swap roles in the Device Usage Chart". I have added your company to the requestor list for this request and will send a confirmation email. I do not know of a better workaround.

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