Using quantity as a symbol attribute

Is there a way to create a symbol that includes the attribute for quantity?  I am looking for the 'quantity' as shown in the Device ID prompt, not the 'quantity per' as listed in the parts database.

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  • If you need quantity, then I think your best bet is to run a Quantified Bill of Materials report in Run Reports.  This will list the manually entered part numbers as well but since they do not exist in the parts database they would display no description and other information. To deal with that, you could consider adding such part numbers to the database with some special identifier that would allow you to find and delete them easily.  You can filter on Parts Database Manager to find them, or you could run a Delete statement in Access or SQL Server Management Studio as the case may be. For example:

    DELETE * FROM parts_database WHERE Detailed_Description5 = "temporary";

    would delete all the part numbers where the value for Detailed_Description5 was "temporary".

    Or, you could continue not entering such part numbers into the parts database and fill in the missing information on the BOM report manually, or maybe using your symbol for that purpose.

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