BRCM - ODBC Data Source Config. Error

Hi All,

I'm having an issue opening up the Cable Manager in BRCM. I get the following error when I try to log-in to the ODBC Data Source Config;

I then tried to follow the steps on part B of this link;

which in turn gave this error;

to resolve this I found a link on Microsoft stating to resolve this error the authentication should be changed to SQL and Windows authentication on the Sql Server Management Studio which I also did, However none of these have helped to resolve my initial error. 

Any solution/feedback is appreciated.

Kesigan Paramanayakam.

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  • Hi Sarvesh & Avanti,

    The entries in my .pcf file matched the details when I entered to the ODBC but I was still getting this error. I resolved it by recreating the ODBC config with the default values of BRCMUser and BRCM and changed the .pcf file to that as well, I also recreated the database in the sql management studio and now it's working. 

    Thank you.

    Answer Verified By: Sarvesh Kulkarni 

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