Problems with diactritical characters in file names/references/etc.


I have a problem using latest promis.e v8i SS8 with Polish national characters in file names (ąśćł etc.). I suppose it happened after one latest Windows 10 updates, but not sure about when it really happened.
Maybe it's not connected directly to promis.e, rather to Microstation platform?

I use Windows 10 in English language, but for testing purposes I have switched for Polish language pack, no effect.

Promis.e software suddenly stopped to open (I mean FIle-> Open) any file contains national characters. The same file opens in Bentley View v8i SS4 without any issues.

The same situation concerns reference files, raster files or even cell selector files I have in my menus.

The software automatically converts file name containing diactritical characters to plain ASCII, for example:

The same while saving files, try to save as "ąść.dgn", the result is "asc.dgn".

When you try to open file "ąść.dgn" from desktop, software responses:

Tried it with High Security mode, the same effect, so it's not connected with any customizations.

Any ideas, how to fix it? At least some workaround other than not using national characters in file names (I generally avoid to use them, but sometimes using promis.e as a CAD platform I have a lot o references/rasters).

Regards, Wojtek

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