BRCM Basic cutting plane

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How do I create a basic cutting plane:

E.G. I have a building with cable trays inside, now I want to print the top view. In order to see the cable trays i need to cut below the roof.

Previously in the AutoCAD world, I went into the layout area,  created  a -VPORTS and then with 3dclip moved the clipping plane around,  what is the BRCM equivalent to this procedure?

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  • Hi Philipp,

    To create a basic cutting plane you can use section clip tools available in BRCM.

    Go in View Toolbar >>Clip Volume>>Section Clip Tools.

    The Section Clip Tool will clip the schematic along a section.

    Through the section line , the section to be clipped can be moved.

    Hope this was helpful.

    Lalitesh Vaidyar

    Lalitesh Vaidyar

    Answer Verified By: Philipp Holenstein