Promis-e Wirelinks references

Promis-e drawings

I have just rebuilt my project database, but now the wire links references appear twice in their respective places.

One of them disappears if  i click on the link and go to wire link usage.

Does anyone know why this occurs?


On another note, how come there is no way to search these forums, it's annoying I'm sure answers have been answered...

  • It sounds like a bug, and there is at least one known workflow that causes duplicate wire link cross reference text such as moving a wire link and undoing the action.  I don't know that Rebuild Project Database is a cause of the problem by itself, however, and it did not cause problems for me.  Perhaps the reason it is occurring for you is related to whatever problem led you to rebuild the project database in the first place.  Does it happen consistently for you?

    A way to fix the duplicate cross reference texts if there are many instances of them across the entire project would be to use Review/Revise > Replace > Replace Symbol to replace the wire link symbols with themselves.

    There is a way to search these forums.  There is a search box near the top of Be Communities pages and search results are categorized by type (wiki, forum, etc.).

    Another good place to search for solutions is the Bentley KnowledgeBase.  See also the Searching The KnowledgeBase TechNote.  The KnowledgeBase is for all Bentley products.  promis•e Solutions can be found by including "promis.e" and some keywords in the search.

  • Temporary fix is to right click on the duplicated text or wire link symbol and the choose Wire Link Usage > then select the other choice (checked mark) in the pop-up window. Sometimes the project has serious errors that doing this temporary fix will cause the other end of wire link to have duplicated wire link text, and it does not matter how to fix one end of wire link, the other wire link will be duplicated again.

    With my 12-year experience, I have noticed that this is mostly caused by user. Promis-e is not Windows friendly since most Windows users get used to the ways that other software applications allow them to use shortcuts. For example, AutoCAD allows users to use stretch feature, but users should avoid using stretch Promis-e feature when it is involved with intelligent elements. If your organization uses a centralized database for Promis-e, the communication between the database server and workstations can sometimes cause issue and this duplicated wire link texts can get worse. My key advice is:

    1. Avoid using stretch feature

    2. Do not use special characters in any Device ID and/or installation/location (it may work fine for the moment, but it can cause issue in the future)

    3. Avoid using "Delete" key on the keyboard

    4. Remove the "F8" key from your keyboard to prevent it from accidentally being pressed (if you want to keep this key, you can change the F8 key's function in the Workspace>Fuctions Keys)

    5. Do not use the "Ctrl" key and the mouse's middle button at the same time.

    6. Do not import or try to use 3D graphic in any 2D graphic drawing.

    There are many ways to make Promis-e work perfectly, but the above advice is for most average users. Once your project is messed up, it is not easy to get it fixed permanently.