Rename Terminal Block - Database Issue

Working in Promis*E Series 6 V8i (AutoCADe 2012):

Upon placing in a macro, often times the terminal strip number increases (undesired).  For example, I'm using TB1 throughout and in some places upon placing a macro it decides to enter them as TB2 or TB3 etc.  Using terminal pin plug manager, I rename TB2 to TB1.  I am then prompted to duplicate a terminal number in which case I select YES since I will be running automatic wire labels which will renumber them anyways.  (If I click NO to the prompt, terminal pin plug manager creates even more terminal strip numbers.

After terminal numbers are assigned via automatic wire numbering and all looks fine on the schematics, when I place Symbol by DeviceID on a panel layout, I have multiple [TB2]s listed.  If I place them, they are still there.  If I place them and delete them, they are still there.  If I validate and update each page and update project database, they are still there.  Under search, BOM explorer, or data manager, they don't exist.  They are only apparent in the Symbol by DeviceID list.

How do I get rid of them?