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Import KML option in MicroStation

We have seen the capability of MicroStation V8 to export vector data to Google earth Kml/Kmz files. We have also explored an option to import Image from Google earth.

 I would like to know if there is an import option available to seamless bring in the vector (KML) layers from google earth directly into Microstation/Bentley map environment.

 This functionality would definitely complete the worflow lifecycle in an Integrated Mapping-Google Earth Environment.

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  • At this point there is no mechanism to import KML data into Bentley Map. We see KML as a publishing tool to make data available to Google Earth. We would be interested in hearing from users who regard KML as a source for geographic information much like SHP, MID/MIF and so on.

    Keith Raymond

  • The ability to import KML or KMZ files would be a nice interoberabily tools.  The KML is an export for ESRI maps, being able to import these maps into BM would help. 

    Mike Longstreet
    Vermont Agency of Transportation
    Civil Engineering Technical Support
    VTCAD Help

  • In reply to Keith Raymond (Bentley):


    I know this is an old topic but we are seeing a possible need to do this.  If we have contractors or engineers in the field they will make a series of waypoints and then save a GPX file out of the GPS device.  If we could bring that directly into Microstation or Map that would be great but I see no way to do it.  Google Earth Pro can import the GPX and then create KML or KMZ files.  It would be nice if those could be directly imported into Microstation using the active coordinate system so we can put them on top of our design.  I was hoping the GPS tools in V8i and V8i ss2 would be able to do something along those lines but we have not been successful getting a GPS to connect.  Most of the time we do not have access to the GPS device and are just sent a file.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.


  • In reply to JRiley:

    Hi. Although not supported natively in Bentley Map, you should be able to import KML data if you have FME installed.

    Mike, instead of exporting KML from your ESRI map, maybe you could directly import or attach the ESRI source files in Bentley Map.



  • In reply to Martin Roy:

    Martin is correct in that the FME Extension to Bentley Map supports the KML and GPX format.  Safe Software's FME Desktop 2010 includes reader/writers for both.   It also includes an SDK for you to build your own application and interfaces.

  • In reply to Dan Weston:

    Seems that FME has modified their website.  Here is a link (current as-of Jan, 2011) to their Solutions for Google Earth/Maps:

  • In reply to Dan Weston:

    Has this capability to import the KML or KMZ been added to native MicroStation SS3 or Map yet?

  • In reply to Paul Katalinich:

    No it hasn't.  To import KML or KMZ, you'll need the FME plug in as noted above.

    Best Regards,


    Pick the tool.  Adjust the settings. Follow the prompts.

  • In reply to Inga Morozoff:

    Has this capability to import the KML or KMZ been added to native MicroStation SS3 or Map yet?

    Are there plans to add this feature?

  • In reply to bostr:

    No, itsn't. Sorry about that. However, it has been already reported having reference number #85789. It doesn't seems to currently be on the road map for short term.


    Sebastien Cote


  • This would be a useful function. I find every now and again that a range of no mapping professionals from smaller companies pass along data as KML/KMZ files; Environmental consultants, infrastructure planners. I either have to capture google earth images - register and re-trace in MicroStation - or get back to them and request a dxf file. Not ideal.
  • In reply to Cartoman:


    maybe its worth taking a look at spatialgateway. Its built on top of GDAL and able to read KML (and other formats).

    Please contact me if you are interested.

    Best, Stefan.

  • In reply to Keith Raymond (Bentley):

    I found myself in teh same situation. I used this site. its free and it works. Tested with Kml with Dxf output.
  • In reply to PabloVidaurre:

    Thanks to you both Stefan and Keith. Both sites looks like a useful resource however my solution came when I realised that another program I run; MapInfo has a program called Universal Translator which can convert a number of formats including KML. I do however believe it's something my Rolls Royce program (Bentley / Microstation) should be able to do and find it hard to believe it is not a common requirement given Google Earth has become such a dominant tool.

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