Map Manager and Thematic Symology - Scale Subfeatures

My features are DB features whose properties are stored in access database. I wanna place and edit features in design model which is attached as reference in my two map models.

First map are all features from design model but in different scale.

Second map model are all features in original scale but with different symbology based on properties.

First problem that I encountered is in scaling feature with subfeatures:

I have cell feature in my Map model.

Cell feature has 3 text subfeatures.

I wanna scale cell and it's subfeatures.

Problem is that when I apply scale changes only the root cell feature is scaled.

Text subfeatures are not scaled (but when I apply color or weight changes the color or weight of whole feature with its subfeatures is changed).

How to accomplish scaling of root cell feature and it's text subfeatures?

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