Bentley Map SS4 Bing Maps

Is there a help document on how to bring BING maps into Bentley Map SS4?

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  • To Attach Bing Maps Layer

    Bing Maps feature must be activated. Go to Create a Bings Map key to obtain a key from Bring Map.

    Create a new configuration variable named "MS_RASTER_BINGMAP_KEY" and give it the value of your
    Bing Maps key. Example, "abcdefGhiJklmnop_qrstuvwXyz".

    Save the variable then close and reopen MicroStation.

    Go to File > Attach > Bing Maps… in the Raster Manager dialog box.
    The "Raster Attachments Options" dialog opens.
    There are three options to choose from
     Road: a cartographic type map with roads and place names
     Aerial: aerial photography of the earth
     Aerial with labels: a hybrid of aerial photography and roads and place names

    You could also use the keyins >
    • raster attach fixed
    • raster attach fixed
    • raster attach fixed

    Sebastien Cote


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