Bentley Map SS4 Bing Maps

Is there a help document on how to bring BING maps into Bentley Map SS4?

  • I've added a Video showing the step from generating the Bing Maps Key to creating the Workspace variable and attaching Bing Map using Raster Manager.

  • With Bing Map terms and conditions, are corporate users allowed to freely print and distribute Bing Map content in drawings?

    Is it possible (within terms and conditions) to use one key for all corporate MicroStation users instead of each MicroStation user to create their own Bing Map account?


  • Bentley went through extensive contract negotiations with Microsoft in order to freely provide Bing Maps content in MicroStation.  Including the "bing" logo on all display and print media was part of that agreement.  You may freely distribute this content.

    We'll have to verify that the Bing Maps Key can be based on the organization, or the individual.

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  • For each organization MSTN user to create a Basic Bing Maps Key (via Bing Maps Dev Center) is really a hassle and there are 125,000 limited free use transactions per key although it is unlikely to go over, assuming MicroStation is an application qualified for free use.

  • According to Microsoft, this is an individual key.  Here are some additional details from the MicroStation Community: Bing Maps in MicroStation

  • DanG,

    MicroStation CONNECT edition Update 7 includes the capability to use Bing Maps as a Background.  Provided that the DGN File includes an active Geographic Coordinate System, Raster Manager is not required.  However, the capability to attach Bing Maps in Raster manager is still supported, but you no longer need to use the Bing Maps Key.

    The Bentley Map CONNECT edition will also include this capability.

  • Can you clarify a few things about Bing Maps content for me? I've tried using Bing Maps in CONNECT U7 and it does indeed work without a Key. I also tried in MicroStation SS3 (with no key) and I don't see an option to use Bing Maps. This is because I have not created a Bing Map Key - correct? Also, you state there were negotiations with MicroSoft about "freely" providing Bing Map content in MicroStation. My organization has a Microsoft Volume Licensing agreement that does NOT currently include Bing Maps. Are you saying that Bing Maps content can be used by me in MicroStation "legally" without an agreement between my company and Microsoft (subject to your agreement with MicroSoft)? Where can I get more information regarding your agreement with MicroSoft so I can provide details to my organization if they request further information?

  • Bruce,

    Bing Maps was first introduced into MicroStation in V8i (SELECTseries 3) version Update 2, in June, 2014.  If your (SELECTseries 3) version is older than that, the technology will not be included, and you won't see the Bing Maps menu item in Raster Manager.  So if this is the case, it won't matter if you've created a Key and included it in the Variable or not.

    Your MicroStation license includes the use of Bing Maps, provided that you agreed to the terms in the MicroStation EULA.  You do not need an additional agreement with Microsoft in order to use Bing Maps in MicroStation. I would defer to MicroStation Product Management for specific answers to questions included in those contract negotiations.  Contact your Bentley Account Manager for more information in that regard. 

    If you are using Bing Maps outside of MicroStation, then these comments would not apply.

    Mathieu St-Pierre has some additional comments regarding using Bing Maps in the CONNECT edition on this Forum post.