How do I use the Verify Database Linkage tool?


We are using Bentley map to spatially inventory the street light network in my municipality.  Several interns placed the features and added the corresponding data over the course of the summer and we just recently combined their dgns into one master.  Looking at the master dgn, each feature is linked to the SQL Database with a specific MSLink number, just the way we wanted it to be set up.  When I look at the data stored in each table of the database, there are lines of data with an MSLink number not found on our dgn.  I have been told to use the Verify Database Linkage tool to get a list of existing MSLinks in the dgn, but when I use it, it only returns a list of the features for just one of the tables in the database (i.e. conductors only, no street light poles, lights, etc.).  How do I change the table within the database that I want queried by the Verify Database Linkage tool?  I thought maybe changing the Entity number would do it, but no luck.  Is there a good guide out there on how to use this tool?  I can't seem to find one online or through the help menu.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,