The element does not satisfy database criteria?

I am running Geographics and work in a Tax Assessor's office where we link centroids of our parcel numbers to an oracle 9i db.  There are 2 Oracle Data Linkages created on each centroid when we link: 1) to a Feature table (Entity=2, MSLINK Key = 106) and 2) to a table in mscatalog called Parcel_Spatial (Entity=11, MSLINK is unique for each centroid).

Lately when I create a new centroid and try to link it to the db, the Oracle Data Linkages are not created for the centroids.  Using the Review Database Attributes of Element tool and clicking on the new centroid I receive the message "The element does not satisfy the database criteria".  Using the Element Information button, the Attributes tab shows a User Data Linkage but no Oracle Data Linkages.

A new database record is created in the Oracle Parcel_Spatial table, however.  I can query for max(mslink), then query the parcel_number for that max(mslink) and it is indeed my new centroid.  

Any help determining the problem establishing Oracle Data Linkages to my centroids would be appreciated.