Auto-Calculating x and y coordinates for a linestring feature.

I have found plenty of information on how to set up the calculation of x and y coordinates for point features, but was curious if this is possible for line features.  I have a data set containing the street light network for the city I work for.  We have street light poles, cabinets, etc. that are point features with their respective coordinates calculated at placement.  There is also a linestring feature, Conductors, which represent the wiring that connects the point features on our map.  We are writing everything to a SQL Server and want to make this data set accessible to other departments who use ArcGIS.  We are able to link our server to an mxd with the point features coming in correctly, but are currently unable to bring in the line features with any spatial reference.  So, long story short, can line features have x and y coordinates, probably the line nodes, calculated in Bentley Map?  Has anyone used the centroid statement for line features?   Any information or examples you may have would be greatly appreciated.



  • Cory, Bentley Map ss4 supports writing open geometry types to SQL Server (stored as GEOM) and ESRI Arc Map can connect to the database and see the geometry natively, without having to do a data conversion based on XY data fields. This would take some time to set up, but is something to consider. Here is a seminar that shows how this can work: | You must register for the seminar by clicking the big register button in the top right before watching. [edit - There are apparently some problems with the video's compression - but the basic workflow is a SQL Server Database (with Geometry) controlled by Bentley Map that ESRI can connect into to see the elements grahics/data, copy to a geodatabase, and edit]

  • There is also Bentley Map's ss4 new support for creating File Geodatabase's as an export - which may be even easier ;-)