PowerMap v8i, duplicate XFM1 feature UUIDs and saving DGN to Map SS4 XFM2 features

We are currently migrating from PowerMap v8i to Map PowerView and Map Standalone SS4. Since we use PowerMap for many years we have many dgn-s to convert to new version of XFM. First problem is that when we save some of our dgn-s in new format (from 08.11.07.xx 08.11.09.xx) we can see that after conversion some of our features are blocked for edit. Error is: Previous version of XFM feature.

Errors in message center say that there is Duplicate previous version XFM root-feature element (XFMError: 1021)

I tried to convert converted file and part of my features with errors situacija.dgnbecame unblocked (of course, properties were stripped off). Then I converted that new file again and again part of my features with errors became unblocked. I repeated process two more times and then all features became native XFM feature, som of which are without properties (those with duplicate UUIDs).

How to solve problem when saving dgn files that have features with same uuids? We do not know how this happened. Is there any way to unblock features, strip off XFM data and convert elements to features again? Is there any workaround to this problem? Maybe some configuration variable that controls converting features?

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