How to plotting points on a map


Am a new user of Bentley map and i need to produce a map plotted with data points representing water points in different colours. I just cant figure out where to start from? Any basic help will be much appreciated.

Thanks alot!


  • Diana,

    Derval & Nelson suggest methods of getting the data into Bentley Map.  

    Jan's example is called Property-Based-Symbology, and is defined in the Geospatial Administrator.  In this case the colors are defined for an entire project based on the type of point (the properties or criteria), and any points or Features added to the Workspace will take on the corresponding colored attributes.  Here is how it would look in the Schema for a polygon feature - Building:

    And the results on the Map as they are placed by the Command Manager:

    In your case (imported using Derval's or Nelson's technique) the points would need to be set to the corresponding Feature using the "Mapped Name" field in the Interoperability dialog.  This would automatically color-code them based on the Schema definition.

    If you do use the Import methods suggested, another option for color-coding the points is to use a Thematic display, defined in the Map Manager.  The Class (buildings) or set of imported points in your case, are color-coded by "Type".  Right-click on the layer name in Map Manager and select the Symbology item:

    I hope this shows you a little of how Bentley Map can represent your Water Points in different colors.  Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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