PBA annotation from Access query

I have Access database xft feature called ParcelNumber. My parcel numbers are stored in Access table and each parcel number has it's own MSLINK and other properties (Number,...). I have additional tables that contain parcel owners and their contact data. I have created Access query that joins tables and formats fields. Is it possible to create PBA query that returns data from the query. I tried but have not succeeded yet. 
For example: 
Select field1, field2 from qryOwners where ParcNo like ParcelNumber.Number
  • Hello Brenks,

    Without seeing and playing with the data, it's not easy to find out. However, I can suggest 2 things to review >

    1- You might miss some brackets here [ParcelNumber.Number]

    2- We might have some problem to deal with the "like" operator.

    Did you review the help documentation related to this ? There is not much information, but it might help.

    Please, consider to have a dataset to share. It would allow us to further investigate.

    Sebastien Cote