distances measured on dgn modified warp


good morning
in Bentley Map often use the warp command
to adapt the topographic survey to the cadastral plan.

this command with the option Stretch changes the dgn.

When I measure on the original topographic survey(see attached dgn tr3_originale)  the distance of a point from an object (in this case a tube axis in the project) I get a measure.

when I measure on the drawing ( see attached dgn  tr3_warp.dgn) modified get another measure.

the warp command does the calculations.

My question is:

you can have the transformation parameters
and with a macro MVBA make sure that the measurement made on the dgn modified with warp returns the real measurement of the survey

or any idea?

I apologize for my poor english
I hope I explainedmisure.zip

  • Hello,

    I am not sure if I understand properly your request.

    If you do not want some sector of your map was influenced by the warp, you need to secure the sector by placing fix point on the edged of the sector. You must place source and target control points around that sector at the exact same coordinate. That should "set in place" the sector. Other solution will be to specify number of control points to be used.

    For the transformation details, I will refer you to the Bentley Map help file where a short text will explain transformation methods used and weighting.
    I hope someone else could provide a better solutions on macro MVBA side.

    Sebastien Lefrancois [Bentley]

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  • hello
    I have not explained. see attached drawings.
    tr3_original is topographics surveying.
    In this drawing when I measure the distance between a point and the SmartLine representing a pipe in the project get a result (let's call it "measures1")
    tr3_warp is the same design adapted to the map using warp.
    In this drawing when I measure the distance of the same point from SmartLine you get a different measure (let's call it "misure2")
    My question is: I want to get the "measures 1" by measuring the design tr3_warp
    I do so now to get this:
    I measure the points that interest me on the drawing tr3_original
    I take only the measures (texts and lines) and apply the warp transformation with the same points, attack and join as a reference to the file tr3_warp
    I hope I explained
    if not does not matter
    Massimo Callegher
  • Hello.

    You want to keep the same distance between two elements even after the file has been warped. That is my understanding. The only way I see to "fix" the distance is by placing source and target control points on the same XYZ of the elements you do not want to move

    ... and If you asking the question it is because is matters.

    I hope someone could bring a better solution.

    Sebastien Lefrancois [Bentley]


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  • unfortunately my English does not allow me to explain well.
    If using the "warp" I get the changes through calculations
    I want to get the inverse of warp, after measuring the distance on the drawing modified, with the parameters of inverse warp get the original size.
    after this I do not know how to explain more :)
    thanks anyway for your interest
    Massimo Callegher
  • Hi blumax,
    I'm Michele from Bentley office in Milan, can you send me an email in Italian that describe the problem?


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