Bentley Map PowerView and Bentley SDK - Terrasolid

Hi there, I have two questions about Bentley Map PowerView and the Bentley SDK:

1) Can I use the SDK in Bentley Map PowerView?

2) In case I can use it, can I access to the incidents generated by Terrasolid using the Bentley SDK?

What we need is to access to the LIDAR data to generate custom reports with profile and plan views and at the same time to access to the data generated by Terrasolid: incidence data as position, distance between objects, etc ...

Thank you

Sergi Ferrater

AEC-On Soluciones

  • Hi Sergi,

    Sergi Ferrater said:
    about Bentley Map PowerView and the Bentley SDK

    I think there is nothing like Bentley SDK. Bentley develops and offers plenty of different products, some including own SDK packages. So the question is what SDK do you need for Bentley Map PowerView development:

    • If you will use NET and will create MicroStation addins, I guess you don't need any SDK.
    • If you plan to use C / C++, you need MicroStation SDK and Bentley Map SDK.

    Sergi Ferrater said:
    Can I use the SDK in Bentley Map PowerView?

    I am pretty sure you can. It's written in Bentley Map PowerView data sheet: Bentley Map PowerView is also designed with a remarkable degree of flexibility and configurability so that subject matter experts can customize it. Bentley Map has an extensive API supporting custom application development using C/C++, C# .NET and other modern programming languages.

    Another question is what tools do you need to develop C / C++ application for Bentley Map PowerView. I have not tested it, but I think you need:

    • MicroStation and MicroStation SDK installed.
    • Bentley Map for MicroStation, which includes also Bentley Map SDK.
    • Visual Studio 2005 to compile correct dll.

    The best way to receive access to produt SDKs is to become a registered developer and a member of BDN program.

    Sergi Ferrater said:
    In case I can use it, can I access to the incidents generated by Terrasolid using the Bentley SDK?

    This question has to be answered by authors of Terrasolid. No Bentley programmer can know what 3rd party application does and what API it offers. I don't know Terrasolid in detail (just it exists ;-), but if it produces MicroStation elements, it should be possible to access the data. But if some dynamic process is implemented ... and I guess it is ... only Terrasolid code can access it and Terrasolid has to provide SDK to access the data.

    I hope I didn't make a mistake and I assume somebody from Bentley geo team will be able to provide more detail information.

    With regards,


  • Bentley Map Enterprise can do quite a bit with Lidar (Point-CLoud) data - and our inRoads software can as well. Both can bring in the Lidar as MicroStaiton elements and allow for measuring distance between objects. And inRoads has advanced workflows for creating profile and plan views. Also, have you looked at PointTools? Also, Bentley Pointools Views is free - as well as software to create POD files for use with Bentley Applications - Bentley Pointools PODcreator. They can both be found on our iWare site: - For more information on working with Lidar, before diving into the programming side, it may be a good idea to contact your Bentley Account Manager and get a technical guy to show you what is possible with the right tools. ( Just a suggestion :-)