Crash Visual Query Builder


  • Attach
  • Connect
  • Connect to database: oracle
  • Visual Query Builder
  • Tables: select mscatalog
  • Table Mscatalog: select entyitynum
  • SQL select statement is now: SELECT ENTITYNUM FROM MSCATALOG
  • Execute and MicroStation crashes

Any suggestions?

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  • Hello Dan, Nelson and Sebastien,

    MicroStation Connect and MicroStation V8i are installed on the same PC.

  uses an Oracle11GClient64 uses an 32-bits-client


    The Oracle-server is: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release – Production


    Connecting to the database and querying both using mdlDB-functions is no problem in Connect and V8i


    Only using SQL and VSQL is no problem in V8i


    Using SQL “select * from mscatalog” is a problem in Connect (see also dmsg_sql.txt):

    • only the first 3 columns are visible: the scrollbar doesn’t work.

    • the records are dimmed.


      Using VSQL “select * from mscatalog” is a problem in Connect (see also dmsg_vsql.txt + exception.log + minidump.dmp).


      The describe and data of the mscatalog-table:


      SQL*Plus: Release Production on Thu Oct 15 11:52:26 2015


      Copyright (c) 1982, 2011, Oracle. All rights reserved.



      Connected to:

      Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Production

      With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options


      Name                                                    Null?   Type

      ----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------

      TABLENAME                                           NOT NULL CHAR(32)

      ENTITYNUM                                           NOT NULL NUMBER

      SCREENFORM                                                     CHAR(64)

      REPORTTABLE                                                   CHAR(32)

      DASTABLE                                                         CHAR(32)

      SQLREVIEW                                                       CHAR(240)

      FENCEFILTER                                                     CHAR(240)

      FORMTABLE                                                       CHAR(64)



      TABLENAME                              ENTITYNUM

      -------------------------------- ----------

      nag_panden                                     2001

      nag_vw_panden_gisnr                      2002

      nag_verblijfsobjecten                       2003

      nag_vw_verblijfsobjecten_gisnr         2004

      nag_ligplaatsen                                2005

      nag_vw_ligplaatsen_gisnr                 2006

      nag_standplaatsen                           2007

      nag_vw_standplaatsen_gisnr             2008

      nag_woonplaatsen                           2009

      nag_vw_woonplaatsen_gisnr             2010

No Data