Bentley Map Export dgn to shapefile - removes curves in alignment

Good morning,

Wondering if anyone else has come across this issue with the export tool built into Bentley Map? 

I use the tool to create shapefiles to submit to our Environmental section, and also sometimes to create exhibits in ArcMap, but if the CAD alignment has curves in it, somewhere in the process of creating the shapefile, the curves are removed, leaving a straight line in between the begin and end of the curved alignment, edge of pavement, ROW, and any other lines that are curved within the CAD dgn.

I'm using this tool from Power GEOPAK.  I first go to the GEOPAK menu and select "Activate Map".  Then the File menu-->Export-->GIS Data Types...

From there, I create a new Export as a shapefile and select the file location.  I select the layer that I am interested in exporting to a shapefile, and then Export.  Before bringing it into an ArcMap map, I have to first view the file in ArcCatalog to set the appropriate coordinate system, as ArcGIS needs a coordinate system set in order to bring it into the map. 

This is a snip of just the alignment and station tics.  Any help given would be greatly appreciated!!