Custom Projection

Right now i am an autodesk user. I use civil 3d which includes autocad map 3d.

With my partner  thinking to take the Bentleys offer to exchange one of our autodesk perpetual licenses for a bentley power civil program which i think include bentley map.

So i have  question for the forum.

In autocad map i cant find a way to do that.

We are from Greece. Here we have an old Geographic coordinate system.

This system use the Bessel ellipsoid and "an oblique equidistant azimuthal projection" of hatt.

This projection is not available in autocad map.  And i don't think it is in Bentley map too.

I have the mathematics relationships which are very simple to go from Lat, log in Bessel to E,N in hatt projection.

Is there a way to add this custom projection to bentley map?

  • Greetings,

    Unfortunately your assessment appears to be correct with Bentley Map offering no support for your particular geographic coordinate system. To confirm, I've reached out to some of my colleagues responsible for the geographic coordinate system capabilities and will update this thread with any new information or recommendations.


    Jeff Bielefeld [Bentley]