Bing Maps and Bentley Map

Question about attaching Bing Maps as a raster. I am, and have been successful at this operation. Things work great, and I have applied a projection to the file. All is fine with the Bing raster attachment,.... except.

I have noticed that there seems to be a hard cutoff in the zoom capability (about 1:525). When this happens, a standard background is displayed. If you zoom back out past 1:525, then the Bing map display returns. I understand there is a hard cutoff for Bing Maps even in the web browser. However, dealing with both MicroStation and AutoCAD worlds, I have noticed that this same function exist in AutoCAD, but without this zoom limitation. I am sure this is accomplished by zooming the last resolution level loaded by Bing, so the picture gets a little fuzzy (pixelated). My dilemma is that I just need one more bump in the zoom to resolve some point item locations. Is there a way to force MicroStation to go past this and zoom the last image loaded?

Also, on a related but different question. Is there, or will there be, a facility to perform this same functionality with Google Maps?? Their resolution stack goes a little deeper.

Larry Durke

  • Hi Larry,

    "I have noticed that there seems to be a hard cutoff in the zoom capability (about 1:525). When this happens, a standard background is displayed."

    Not sure what you mean by standard background (could you provide a screenshot)? The best resolution for BingMaps has changed over time. In the past there seems to be 21 resolutions, now some documentation said 19 resolutions. In MicroStation we are still using 21, but if the best resolution is not available we will use the best lower resolution available so that there is always imagery available.

    Ah but I think I understand the problem, what I am describing seem to be only available on Connect and not on V8i. Not sure there is a Bentley Map yet available on Connect (the new platform replacing V8i). Maybe you could try using MicroStation Connect to mark the position in a .dgn and referenced this .dgn back in Bentley Map?

    As for GoogleMaps no there is no plan to include that. Note that the next version of MicroStation Connect will offer BingMaps free (you don't need to provide BingMaps key anymore) for our users.



  • I just tried the zoom in MicroStation CONNECT Update 7 and can zoom-in to 1:1, Minimum Window (~ 0.05m/pixel) with the Bing Map continuing to be displayed.

  • Thanks for the reply. No, I am not using Connect, just the latest version of V8i. I believe that answers my question.