Large dictionaries for layer names were encountered.

Version: BentleyMap V8i (SELECTseries4)


The addition of a reference file "kills" the program. Productivity drops significantly.
The reference file has only 2 layers, size 2.6 MB. But it is a combination of many CAD files with different display styles.
I will add that the reference file is included in my own project (layers from the MSSQL database).
When he compiles the reference file he gets to communicate:

"Found 1 references with 2000 entries in the dictionary of layer names.
The largest dictionary of layer names had 2135 entries in the file invent_2018.dgn
Performance can be slightly increased by compressing invent_2018.dgn and all reference files.
From the File menu, choose 'Compression options' and check 'Include references' or enter 'COMPRESS DESIGN INCLUDEREFS'."

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