Interoperability: SHP to DGN to GML

I imported few shapefiles in DGN and exported the layers to GML. Surprisingly, the feature count is less after export. What can be the reason here? Notice the number of features shown in Message center in the attached snapshots. It reduced from 8452 features to 8443.

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  • There could be any number of reasons for the change.  If you created the Shapefiles, then you will know if the data will meet your needs.  Otherwise, you will need to look at the instances which did not export in order to determine why. 

    Perhaps those nine polygons were so small as-to be stroked to the point that they did not meet the OGC_Geometry conditions?  Here are some more suggestions:

      Load the layer in the Data Browser and look for warning signs

      Use the Element Information and Analyze Feature commands to verify your input

      Export to another format and compare the differences 

      Delete and redraw the offending polygons

    Review the Best Practices help chapter to ensure the input meets the requirements.