GeoPak survey data to Bentley Map

Can someone provide a workflow for migrating geopak points and chains into Bentley Map? Is there a specific Learning Path for this workflow?

We are collecting drainage data using Trimble TSC3 and Trimble Controller software. Right now we are running it through the Trimble Business Center GIS module. This NOT a streamlined process.

Any ideas?

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  • Do you have a Bentley Map GIS Schema to integrate the newly-collected survey features with?  If so, I believe the Trimble Office GIS module includes capabilities to connect to [Bentley Map-supported] databases like a Geodatabase, which can be 'mapped' to your feature code library using the Interoperability tools in Bentley Map.

    Is your desired end-result of collecting points and chains to create a terrain model or TIN, then you would need to look at the Scalable Terrain Model tools found in Bentley Map Enterprise.

    If you are simply collecting points and lines, you could save them in a CSV format, then use the Interoperability Tools in Bentley Map to Import the elements as-well-as the attributes with them.