Error message "default SHX font(s) in Bentley Map v8i

I get this error message when I hit 'Run' in Bentley Geospatial Administrator. How do I fix this problem? 

"Cannot locate default SHX font(s) (defined as 'msdefault'). Please ensure that one can be found in MS_FONTPATH or MS_DWGFONTPATH, or modify the font configuration file to specify a different default. Program must now exit!"

Am I supposed to fix this in Geospatial Administrator.



  • This is something that is caused or fixed by the GSA. The variable MS_FONTPATH should point to the folder with the msdefault.shx.
    Check whether the file msdefault.shx is available in the workspace folder ..\workspace\System\Fonts\ (that is were this variable most likely points to). Maybe you are using a workspace from an older MS version.

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