Promote tool does not entirely delete the existing element


I have been working on a utility data model in GSA and it seems that in some cases the promote tool does not delete the existing element. I believe have created the operations and methods correctly to eventually update the command manager with a place and promote command. My data model contains only RDBMS attributes. 

It seems that if the element is a previous XFM feature where the attributes (MSLINK) have been removed, the promote tool cannot delete the existing element. And even if I try to delete the element manually after the attempt to promote it, it is simply not possible. If I close Bentley Map and reopen or compress the designfile, then I can delete the 'old' element.

If I create an entirely new (Microstation) element the promote tool works as expected.

I am using Bentley Map SS4

Has anyone experienced the same behavior? Any help is appreciated.

I believe it should be possible to promote elements (XFM features) that somehow have lost their MSLINK.


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