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I am able to get the updated date and updated by fields in my table through xfm after placing new feature. ( Followed this link from Inga: communities.bentley.com/.../--updatedby-and-updateddate-properties)

Also UpdatedDate field is getting updated while editing attributes. 

But UpdatedDate field is not updating while modifying the shape. Any idea what could be missing ?

(pic : Current Settings in XFM)

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Bentley Version : Bentley Map Enterprise Series V8i (Select Series 4)

  • Greetings A J,

    The "editing" initial value key is only applied when performing the Bentley Map "EDIT FEATURE" command. Use of MicroStation commands such as "MODIFY ELEMENT" or "MOVE ELEMENT" do not trigger the "editing" initial value key to be applied. However, the behavior you desire can be achieved using the Bentley Map API and some custom development.

    The attached archive contains the sync1 application that when loaded in a Bentley Map session will apply "editing" initial values when XFM feature instances are manipulated using either MicroStation commands or the Bentley Map "EDIT FEATURE" command. In addition, support for a "modified" initial value key is provided that can be used on those XFM business properties you want updated only when MicroStation commands manipulate the XFM feature instance, but not updated when the Bentley Map "EDIT FEATURE" command is used.

    To install the sync1 application, simply extract sync1.dll and sync1.ma files from the archive and copy those files to the ...\Map\mdlapps folder. To load the sync1 application in a Bentley Map session enter mdl load sync1 keyin. For your Bentley Map XFM project, you can add a "Workspace > Macros" entry such as...

    MS_GEOINITCMD = mdl load sync1

    ...to automatically load the sync1 application during session startup.

    Please let me know if you've any questions regarding the use of the sync1 application.

    Disclaimer - The sync1 application is supplied as-is and does not come with technical support. Bentley Systems Inc., and the author of this program assume no liability for damages direct, indirect, or consequential, which may result from the use of this program. Use this application at your own risk.



    Jeff Bielefeld [Bentley]

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