[BM CE U1] WFS still disfunctional :-(


I reported this issue several years ago, but it seems - despite of it's about INSPIRE - nothing has changed so far.

Problem description

When trying to access WFS servers operated by State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre as official INSPIRE data source (EU legislative), both connect to WFS server and import do not work.

There are two different issues, but I guess they are caused by the same problem in WFS implementation.

Workflow 1

  1. Open Map Import/Export dialog
  2. Use e.g. http://services.cuzk.cz/wfs/inspire-CP-wfs.asp?service=WFS&request=getCapabilities
  3. Try to run import. The error message is displayed.

Logical operators are not supported by this WFS server
System.NotSupportedException: Logical operators are not supported by this WFS server
   at Bentley.EngineeringContent.Storage.Wfs.Query.WfsFilterDefinition.StartGroup(ECCombinationOperations operation)
   at Bentley.EngineeringContent.Storage.Wfs.Operations.WfsFilteredOperation`1.ParseQueryFilterGroup(WfsFilterDefinition filterDefinition, ECQueryFilterGroup filterGroup)
   at Bentley.EngineeringContent.Storage.Wfs.Operations.WfsFilteredOperation`1.AddFiltering(WfsProxy wfsProxy, ECQueryFilterGroup filterGroup, String featureClassName)
   at Bentley.EngineeringContent.Storage.Wfs.Operations.WfsFilteredOperation`1.GetRequest(WfsProxy wfsProxy, String serviceUrl)
   at Bentley.EngineeringContent.Storage.Wfs.Connection.WfsProxy.ExecuteOperation[ReturnType](WfsOperation`1 wfsOperation, ExecutionController executionController)
   at Bentley.EngineeringContent.Storage.Wfs.Query.WfsStorageQueryExecutor.RetrieveDatasets(IEnumerable`1 featureRequests, WfsProxy wfsProxy, ECCursorModifiers cursorModifiers, ExecutionController executionController)
   at Bentley.EngineeringContent.Storage.Wfs.Query.WfsStorageQueryExecutor.ExecuteGetFeatureOperation(IEnumerable`1 featureRequests, WfsStorageConnectionContext connectionContext, ECCursorModifiers cursorModifiers, ExecutionController executionController)
   at Bentley.EngineeringContent.Storage.Wfs.WfsStorage.ExecuteQuery(IECCriteria criteria, ECCursorModifiers modifiers, IExtendedParameters extendedParameters)
   at Bentley.Geospatial.DataInterchange.GDIImportProcessor.ImportStorageImport(IImportCriteria criteria, IStorageImportCriteria storageImport, Boolean cancellable)
   at Bentley.Geospatial.DataInterchange.GDIImportProcessor.Import(IImportCriteria importCrit, IStorageImportCriteria singleStorage)

Despite of the message is forumalted in a way "it's the problem of the server, because it does not support...", the problem is in Bentley Map. All other competitors (both big ones and local solutions developers) support ČUZK servers (not only INSPIRE) for years without any problem.

Workflow 2

  1. Open Map Import/Export dialog
  2. Use e.g. http://services.cuzk.cz/wfs/inspire-AD-wfs.asp?service=WFS&request=getCapabilities
  3. No features are displayed to be selected and imported.

A note about testing workflows

To work in a proper place, you can use the attached xwms file with parcels. Attach it to plain 2D model, no GCS is required (it's published in XY meters) and zoom to view where only a few parcels will be displayed. It ensures the server will not reject the request because too many features are queried at once.

A note about error messages

Sometimes they are confusing, e.g. when the same data sources are attached (not imported), the only message is error "No arguments supplied" in Message Center. Workflow 2 does not generate any error message or even simple information what is happening. Very confusing... :-(

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