Bentley Map Enterprise CONNECT Edition Grids & Graticules tool


Can someone assist me in finding the Grids & Graticules tool in Bentley Map Enterprise CONNECT Edition?

Also it will be nice if Bentley can provide some documentation on how to access earlier features in BME SS4 in the CONNECT edition.

There is only documentation of what has been retired.



  • Hello There

    In the CONNECT Edition, Grids & Graticules is not yet implemented. It should be available in future release.

    Which earlier features do you wan to access?

    Thank you


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  • Hi. Commands have been reorganized in CONNECT Edition into workflows so that commands that are used often together are grouped together. Look at the workflows drop-down at the top of the user interface and select the one for the work you are doing. 

    Note that there is a search function at the top right. Simply type a few letters of the command you are looking for and it will be available to run from there. The search system should also indicate where that particular command was found so you know for the next time. 

    Hope this helps,