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Is there a way when importing a polygon SHP file to have features end up on specific levels in the DGN?  ie. a parcel shapefile with an attribute named Use is imported into a DGN; "Residential" parcels end up on a Residential level; "Commercial" parcels end up on a Commercial level, etc.

I can use the Where Clause in the Interoperability dialogue and adjust the level each time.  I was looking for something more automated.

(Bentley Map SS4

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  • Hi Brian, 

    well, you will need to edit those level names.

    You can update level name by mapping with .csv file from save as dialog.
    You will need to update too long level name first with powerful spreadsheet application.
    Then use that new list in .csv file to map with existing level name and save as new DGN file.
    New DGN and geometries will have more appropriate level name as expected.

    In the same time, only in Map, you have XFM tab allow you to "Remove Map specific data".
    This is useful to save Map specific data to simple design file. 

    I see you created a new forum post.
    I hope someone will bring a more satisfying and useful solution on that post.

    I wish you the best on your project.


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