How to associate poles (points) to streets segments(linestring)?

I have the following situation:

I wanna find poles in which Street is it.

I have poles features (points) and street network features ( linestring).

Can you help me with some good point where can star?


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  • Has no relation between this tow features. Me idea is to create this relation.

    In my opinion it's not necessary, but it depends on the project and needs: When it's ad-hoc analysis, to build any relation is probably overkill, but when it will be analyzed often and there is a plenty of data, which are mostly fixed, to create a relation can make sense.

    I thinking to write some addin or macro how find closest street segment to pole but i didn't find function to do this.

    I do not know on what Bentley Map version Open Utilities are based, but for BM CE U1 version SDK is available, for recently released Update 2 it's not avaialble yet.

    I am not sure what function SDK offers when working with topology.

    Can you help me with some good point where can star?

    I quickly checked the workflow I mentioned earlier and it seems it works fine (Bentley Map CE Update 2 was used):

    1. From streets (better to say street center lines), create buffer. When streets are alerady expressed by borders and not centerlines, closed polygons have to be created.
    2. Run overlay analysis on the buffer (one level) and pole features (second level). Choose Keep poles that are inside only.

    The result is:

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