Key-in for setting property value at placement

When placing a new map feature using the Command manager the "Place <feature>" window appear, showing the Properties for that feature as set up in the XFM schema.  It is then possible to set the values in the Properties before actually placing the opbject in the map. Is it possible to manipulate the values in the ComboBox Properties using key-in commands instead of using the system mouse on the drop-down menus? If so, how should the syntax for such a key-in command be? 

A lot of the feature types set up in the XFM schema share many of the same Properties. Most of the feature types also have so many Properties with so long property names that we are forced to use the scroll bars to set the values in the "Place <feature>" window:

I have a keypad (Datem Keypad Controller) with buttons  that can be configured to send a command to Bentley Map when activated. I would like to set up some of the buttons to set a spesific Property to a spesific value while placing a feature. 

  • Rune,

    Typically, this is handled through placing Initial Values rules:

    There just aren't any key-ins for this at this time.  If standard value types are not enough, then you could write and publish a custom C expression to set a property using value type= cexpression in a placing rule.

    Or you could write a custom placement command.