Powerview Connect - WFS imports features from Geoserver to 0,0

Hi, I can connect to a WFS source (served by Geoserver) and view layers in the layer tree, but when I 'import' features, they all arrive at 0,0.

The source coordinates are WGS84 (EPSG 4326) and this is reproducible with the stock layers from Geoserver (eg. topp:states). Features I can query fine, even after they are imported I can click to examine values, but the coordinates are just wrong.

QGIS renders the WFS features fine. ArcGIS at least renders the default topp:states layer fine.

The 'show extents' function displays coordinates in the correct range...in the source coordinate system.

One other thing is also that the 'show extents' function doesn't reproject into the coordinate system defined in the DGN even something as simple as UTM. I was under the impression it was supposed to do this as well?

Are there any obvious blunders that people run into?

Anyway, thanks in advance.