[BM SS4] Drop Polygon Collection crash

I need to drop Polygon Collections so they can be clipped (Application elements checked).

This works if I use plain MicroStation or Bentley Map without an active Project.

When I try to drop the elements when I run my BM Workspace MicroStation will crash and hangs.

Any ideas?

A small test file is attached.

Prior to this I've exported the file and selected to remove all XFM data in the Option dialog.



  • Krister,

    Your polygon collection seems to be incomplete. It is look like to be a sub-feature of the collection without the main feature definition (Polygon Collection Component). Maybe this is why it crashed when you process in a schema where this XFM feature is defined. It probably searching a collection to attach to. XFM Collection are composite elements and if it missing one of part, you could have problem.

    Maybe you can promote geometry to back to the Polygon Collection defined in the schema. It could regenerate XFM feature properly and fix the issue. Then, you will be able to drop XFM collection again n without hang.

    Please keep in mind, when you drop XFM Polygon Collection (This is a composite element. you must selecting Polygon (filled in) and shape (edge) of composite element), the first drop will drop to MicroStation Polygon Collection (composite: Polygon Collection and Polygon Collection Component) and the second drop will result to a MicroStation shape.

    Drop Polygon Collection by MS-Drop using Application elements is a good alternative to Save as XFM option dialog. It simply the workflow when working with geometry from XFM.   

    I hope that helps.


    This is a test

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