Upgrading to Open Cities Map Enterprise from Bentley Map Enterprise SS4/CONNECT Edition

Can someone in the community throw light on upgrading to Open Cities Map Enterprise from Bentley Map Enterprise SS4 or Bentley Map Enterprise CONNECT Edition?

If am on Bentley SELECT Subscription for Bentley Map Enterprise, am I eligible for a free upgrade to Open Cities Map Enterprise?

I remember when Bentley Map was launched, MicroStation GeoGraphics users with SELECT had to pay an upgrade fee to upgrade to Bentley Map (if I am correct!)

I noticed on the Bentley Support Status page:


that Open Cities Map support will expire on 01-July-2019 and will be discontinued on 01-Jan-2021.

Does that mean that 01-Jan-2021 will be the end of Bentley Map/ Open Cities Map Geospatial Desktop product range from Bentley?



  • The CONNECT Edition FAQ discusses upgrade options: 

    There are three possibilities to upgrade from V8i to CONNECT Edition:

    1. If you own Bentley Map PowerView V8i or Bentley Map V8i or Bentley Map Enterprise V8i:

    • Then you can upgrade to CONNECT Edition at no cost.  The same license will work for both V8i and CONNECT Edition.

    2. If you own MicroStation V8i and Bentley Map for MicroStation V8i you have two choices:

    • You can decide to exchange your Bentley Map for MicroStation V8i  license for a OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition license.  There is no cost for this license exchange however the price of SELECT will increase.
    • Or, you can decide to exchange both the MicroStation V8i and Bentley Map for MicroStation V8i licenses for one license of OpenCities Map Enterprise CONNECT Edition.  There is no cost for this exchange, however the price of SELECT will increase.

    3. If you own MicroStation V8i and want to purchase Bentley Map for MicroStation V8i:

    • For the CONNECT Edition, Bentley Map for MicroStation is no longer available.  For the price of Bentley Map for MicroStation V8i, the upgrade path is to exchange your MicroStation V8i license to a OpenCities Map Enterprise CONNECT Edition license.   

    As you noted, support for the V8i product line will be discontinued January 01, 2021, but this does not imply the end of the OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition products.  (Map PowerView, Map and Map Enterprise).

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