MDL function "XFMCompareCurrentScaleName" not found in Bentley Map APi help file


Looking for the XFMCompareCurrentScaleName in the BentleyMap Api help file but with no luck.

The function apears in the Geospatial Administrator Help under Criterias.

Is XFMCompareCurrentScaleName a hidden function ?

If yes would there be something like 'XFMCompareUserName' as well ??

Erik Wirring

Landinspektørfirmaet LE34


  • Hello Erik,

    XFMCompareCurrentScaleName is not a hidden function.   XFM publishes this function to the MDL CExpression evaluator environment using mdlCExpression_publishFunction. I see XFMCompareCurrentScaleName mentioned in the API helpfile in the "XFM Overview" topic under Criteria, but this function is not in the help file index.  We will fix that.

    For completeness, here is a description and example for this function:

    Compare a scale name to the active scale name using the XFM function XFMCompareCurrentScaleName. This function returns 1 if the scale names are equal or 0 otherwise.


    Regarding XFMCompareUserName, consider using System.Environment.UserName() in an expression to compare to some user name.  For more information about this method, see MicroStation Named Expressions dialog documentation for "Utilities>Report Symbols" menu item.  

    COMPARE("[System.Environment.UserName()]", "John.Doe","")


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