Change tab order in dialogs

Is it possible to change the tab order in the dialogs created in GSA?

I have created a workspace in Bentley Geospatial Administrator and changed the display order of the properties in the dialogs using the Y parameter under Operations->Dialogs->Form View.

When using tab to shift between the properties the order is still alphabetically like the standard order when creating the Form View.

Is it somehow possible to change the tab order to match the display order?

Thank you.

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  • Jens,

    The TAB key will follow the order of creation (from top to bottom) defined in Geospatial Administrator. This is not in alphabetic order but from first created property to the last property. In your case, the alphabetic order of properties was probably created from the order of reading from an outside database. Often, when you register from a database, it will read and create properties from database in alphabetic order (order of reading). Unfortunately, the only way is to manually edit item in expected order in Geospatial Administrator (GSA).

    Sorry for the inconvenient.


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