[OCM CE U6] V8i annotations corrupted when updated in CE


we are in a process of migration V8i hybrid XFM + DB project to OpenCities Map CE environment. It seems that in Update 6 XFM schema migration is simpler and less buggy that it was before (good work!), but we found this (critical) issue:


There is a feature in DGN with linked data in database (both in directly linked table and others in lookup tables). The feature has annotation, that is split into several rows, using '\010' sequence (as described in BM documentation). It looks like this one:

PBA definition of the annotation is (one from several variants):

SELECT 'Š(' + MatZkratka + ')[DnX]\010[SachtaID]-[UzelID]\010[VyskaPoklop]\010([VyskaDno])' FROM CisMaterial WHERE MatID=[MatID]

which converted into SQL command is (captured using SESSION DEBUG ON):

SELECT 'Š(' + MatZkratka + ')1000\0102-5\010433.06\010(430.73)' FROM CisMaterial WHERE MatID=12

It's the same both in V8i and CE, so there is no problem.

The result of this query is:


Problem description:

When the feature is edited (or even not edited, only OK is pressed in Feature edit dialog), the annotation become corrupted:

Analysis / ideas:

Because query result is Š(BT)1000\0102-5\010433.06\010(430.73) and the corrupted text is Š(BT)1000\0102, I guess SQL query is analyzed as Unicode, so it's not about \010 (new line), but it's converted to U+0066, which is 102 in DEC, so insted of "<new line>2" it's interpreted as "f".

Summary / questions:

  • Is it bug or it can be configured somewhere how SQL queries are analyzed?
  • What is "new line" sequence to be used in SQL queries?

This issue is critical and the migration blocker, because nearly every feature in the project is annotated somehow and many from them use multiline annotations.

With regards,


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