Scaleable Terrain Model (STM) tools not available in OpenCities Map

In Bentley Map we had the option to enable "Civil Tools" by configuration variable MS_GEOSURVEY_TECHPREVIEW

These tools add a dedicated workflow to the task menu, and in particular tools to create and manipulate STM elements residing inside the design model:

Such a Terrain Model element can be modified to some extent by the properties panel, e.g. to show contour lines. That is even in MicroStation and in OpenCities Map.

Yet, in OpenCities Map, we really miss tools to create those STM's, in particular, "From Elements" or even better "By Filter".

Any way we can have these tools in OpenCities Map?

kind regards, Lars M-P

  • Hi Lars. As the variable indicated, those tools has been added as a technology preview in V8i. They have never been "promoted" to production. As such, the tools have not been integrated in OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition and there re currently no plans to do so. If you are looking for Scalable Terrain Model tools (STM), these are part of Descartes and should thus be part of OpenCities Map Enterprise / Ultimate. Normal DTM manipulation tools should be available in Civil applications like OpenRoads.