Global Settings for labelling is different.


I am new to OpenCities Map and currently doing some tutorials for labelling. However, I realises that the "Initialize with Text Styles" options in Global Settings (Labelling) is not complete. I was referring to my colleague's software but she does not received the same issues as I did.

For example, in the QuickStart for OpenCities Map Users V1.2 manual. In Lesson 6, it stated that I need to use the options for "GeneralText" and "PlacesText" but I can't seem to find that option. Am I missing something here? Appreciate if there's any clarification for this.


  • Hi Syameer. Sorry for late reply.

    Text Styles list is from .DGNLIB loaded with the project. First, you need to follow exercises from the Lesson 1. That lesson will setup configuration files and paths you will need for the all lessons from QuickStart course.

    Then, you must open DGN by using QuickStart workspace. The Text Style you are looking for is loaded into project from NashTextStyles.dgnlib library file. This file could be retrieved under ...\Configuration\WorkSpaces\QuickStart\WorkSets\GIS\dgnlib.

    In any project, DGN library files are define by MS_DGNLIBLIST configuration variable.

    I hope that helps.

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