[BM SS10 ] Save As XFM 07 cannot clip

In SS4 I could Save As using the option Convert XFM 09 -> 07. After that it was possible to clip the information using fence clip.

In SS10 this does not work (for me).

I've attached two files, one having 09 linkages and one with 07 links. Neither is possible to clip.

Also, if I save the 09 file using Remove XFM Bentley Map specific data some shape turns into Polygon Collection that cannot be clipped either. Trying to drop these elements (Application turned on) will crash MicroStation.

I'm using BM for MicroStation.




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  • ok. If you talked about Save As option of csv-file used for remapping, I will say this is not supported with Polygon Collection. I will suggest to save by removing XFM first, Drop by application secondly and remapping plain MicroStation element then.

    For the drop tool, after Save As by Removing XFM, it gave the exact same results in both MS and Map.

    Is Map resulting to "nothing to drop"? You probably need to remove XFM before.

    This process have been improved in OpenCities Map CONNECT edition.

    This is a test